Our Team

Since its beginnings in 1978 at the capable hands of John Reams, our current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Reams Construction has striven to deliver the highest quality of construction services to our clients in the Four Corners area and beyond. Here is an introduction to the people who make it all happen:

John Reams - Founder and CEO

John Reams, Reams Construction Founder and CEOJohn Reams got to know the land around Naturita first-hand starting in 1975, when he began working for different local mining families. He has amassed an incredible knowledge of the area through his own experiences as well as listening to the tales of those who went before him.

When he started Reams Construction Company, he used his wisdom and experience to quickly grow the company into the region's foremost excavation contractor. For the past 30 years, Reams Construction has proven to be a successful contracting business which has operated profitably. John's continued commitment to safety has earned the company several local and national annual safety awards.

John opened the Mining Division of Reams Construction in 1989, which performed work at the Ura and Rim Shaft Mines. Recognizing the need to explore uranium mining, he created Tomcat Mining Corporation in 2004. John's keen sense of business has again proven to be a success, as Tomcat Mining Corporation is now poised to become the region's and nation's premier mining contractor.

Dustin Smuin, Reams Construction Shop Supervisor

Dustin Smuin - Equipment Superintendent

Dustin Smuin graduated from San Juan College in Farmington, NM with a degree in diesel mechanics after 10 years of equipment maintenance experience. Dustin is in charge of all equipment and truck maintenance, DOT inspections, maintenance personnel, and purchasing requirements that meet or exceed all safety standards.

Mike Narramore, Reams Construction Project Manager

Mike Narramore - Project Manager

Mike Narramore is the project manager for Reams Construction Co. He has more than 25 years of experience in heavy construction, open pit mining, and oilfield services. His duties include, but are not limited to, managing construction and oilfield activity and ensuring all projects are completed safely and within time and budget constraints. Mike is also the manager of the 80 Ponds wastewater treatment facility, ensuring all quality standards meet or exceed the guidelines set by CDPHE.

Melissa Lampshire, Reams Construction Office Manger

Melissa Lampshire - Office Manager and Project Administrator

Melissa Lampshire is a 15-year veteran of Reams Construction Co. She oversees the daily office work and ensures that jobs are being completed to their specifications within time and budget limits. She reviews all project contracts, invoicing, and AIA requirements. Melissa works closely with John and Mike.

Bill Taylor, Reams Construction Purchasing Agent

Bill Taylor - Purchasing Agent

Bill Taylor works closely with Dustin. His job details include, but are not limited to, ordering parts, data entry for tracking, organizing and maintaining the shop tools, general all-around grounds maintenance, and handyman duties.

Dianna Reams, Reams Construction CFO

Dianna Reams - CFO

Dianna Reams is responsible for all accounting and financial functions, permitting, and legal issues.